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Hello, travelers all over the world!!

Are you planning to travel to Japan and to hire a pocket WiFi? Or wondering whether you should rent it or not?

We, Japan Wireless, highly recommend to rent a pocket WiFi, especially to those who are not familiar with Japan or use Internet very frequently. Here are 7 benefits you can get from a rented pocket WiFi: 7 Benefits You can Get from a Pocket WiFi in Japan

Today, Japan Wireless would like to offer a special JPY1,000 discount coupon only for you since you have fortunately found this page on our media.

Our official coupon is published only here online, and please note that there are a lot of fake and invalid ones in other websites.

It has applicability to order our latest model router Premium WiFi, which is a 4G unlimited usage plan!!

Moreover, if you use the coupon on your order, we can also provide you with large-capacity storage mobile battery without any extra fee.

The coupon is for a limited time only, so place your order with it as soon as you decide to take a trip to Japan!!

Finally, the Japan Wireless’s coupon is in any articles below. Every article will help you to travel Japan smoothly and comfortably. So check them out and find the special coupon!!

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