Tattoo Friendly Onsen near Tokyo: The Ryokan Tokyo YUGAWARA

Unique and Traditional Tattoo Friendly Onsen Spot near Tokyo!

Stay at the most Japanesey accommodation in Japan!! The Ryokan Tokyo YUGAWARA was made especially to impress foreign visitors and entertainments are 100% guaranteed 🙂

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One of the most fun places to stay in Japan, The Ryokan Tokyo YUGAWARA is a Tattoo-Friendly onsen accommodation opened in 2016. It’s located in Yugawara City, Kanagawa prefecture, which is approx 100 km away from Tokyo and 50 km away from Mt.Fuji, and has great access to Hakone area. Yugawara City is a well known Onsen town and one of the most popular Onsen getaways from Tokyo.

The Ryokan Tokyo YUGAWARA is a unique hotel which condensed all images of Japan (e.g. Mt.Fuji, garden, red torii gate, Buddha, etc) in one place. To start, the archway of bright red torii gates and the Japanese garden just like from Kyoto greet guests at the entrance. The interior of the hotel contains so many essences of Japan, such as red lanterns, Japanese paintings and photos.

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2 types of guest rooms are offered (Deluxe and Standard), both are traditional Japanese tatami room decorated with Japanese arts. Also, there is a dormitory room with an affordable rate if you are a budget traveller.

Free rental of Yukata (traditional Japanese room wear) are provided and guests can choose their favourite patterns. And there is an onsen bath with water flowing directly from the hot spring source and the wall is painted beautifully with Mt.Fuji and cherry blossoms. The foreign friendly Onsen is tattoo-allowed in case you have one 😉 Also if you are not comfortable with sharing bath with others, shower rooms are provided, too.

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There is a restaurant/bar inside the hotel, where guests can enjoy yummy food, snacks, and drink coffee, beer and the selection of Sake. The hotel also offers great culture experience at the common area, such as various traditional Japanese toys and games, calligraphy lesson and cosplay experiences 😉

So The Ryokan Tokyo YUGAWARA is not just a ordinary accommodation but guests can have an amazing experience during their stay. It’s totally a new type of accommodation 😉

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Access: 10 mins by Taxi from Yugawara Station

Rate: 10,000 yen~(room), 1,800 yen~ (dorm)


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