CRAB All You Can Eat — Buffet under $40 in Tokyo

Best affordable Crab buffet restaurants in Tokyo!

CRAB, is one of expensive things on the menu at restaurant in many countries. Especially king crab legs because crab fishing job is so dangerous and takes a time. The people who go catch crab might work under the worst weather condition with a lot of uncertain situations. Even the price is so high but a large number of people don’t mind about the price and likes to taste it.

If you wonder how happy you would be when you taste delicious crab legs as many as you want. Absolutely, Japan is one of countries which serve all you can eat with crab legs. If you think the price is so expensive than you can’t afford but you wanna taste crab legs in Japan. Please don’t worry! You’d lucky to read this article.

I have picked up the restaurants where you can eat crab legs buffet on budget. So, let’s me introduce you the high quality restaurants where serving crab leg buffet and locating in Tokyo under $40.

  1. LUXE DINING HAPUNA (リュクスダイニングハプナ)

Luxe Dining Hapuna at Shinagawa Prince Hotel serve you over 70 various kind of foods (including roast beef and crabs)

Address : Shinagawa Prince Hotel Main Tower 1F 4–10–30 Takanawa, Minato, Tokyo 108–8611

Tel : 03–5421–1114

Access : walking from JR Shinagawa station approx. 4 mins (320m.)

Price : Lunch 11:00AM~15:00PM Adult 3,800 yen, Child (primary school student) 2,800 yen, Infant (3 years ~) 1,800 yen / Dinner 17:00PM~22:00PM Adult 6,000 yen, Child (primary school student) 3,800 yen, Infant (3 years ~) 2,000 yen

Official Website :

2. Grand Café (グランカフェ)

Grand Café at Daiichi Tokyo Seafort Hotel serve you over 30 various kind of foods (*crab buffet is available for limited period)

Address : Daiichi Tokyo Seafort Hotel 1F 2–3–15 Higashi-shinagawa, Shinagawa, Tokyo

Tel : 03–5460–4428

Access : walking from Tennoz Isle station (Tokyo Monorail Line) Central exit approx. 1 min (186m.)

Price : Lunch 11:30AM~14:30PM From 1,200 yen / Dinner 17:00PM~21:30PM From 4,800 yen

Official Website :

3. Chef’s Live Kitchen(シェフズ ライブ キッチン)

Chef’s Live Kitchen at Intercontinental Tokyo Bay Hotel serve you tasty food such as premium roast beef including Japanese menu like sushi or tempura.

Address : Intercontinental Tokyo Bay Hotel 3F 1–16–2 Kaikan, Minato, Tokyo 105–8576

Tel : 03–5404-2246

Access : walking from Takeshiba station (Yurikamome Line) approx. 5 mins

Price : Lunch 11:00AM~14:30PM (Mon~Fri Adult 3,725 yen, Child 1,991 yen), (Sat/Sun/Holiday Adult 4,201 yen, Child 2,251 yen) / Dinner 17:30PM~22:00PM (Mon~Fri Adult 5,430 yen, Child 2,857 yen), (Sat/Sun/Holiday Adult 5,986 yen, Child 3,117 yen)

Official Website :

4. Daishucho (大酋長)

Not only crab which serve as buffet but you can taste yakiniku or shabu shabu as buffet too!

Address : Akihabara First Building 5F Kanda matsu nagacho1 Chiyoda, Tokyo 101–0023

Tel : 03–3253–0200

Access : walking from JR Akihabara station approx. 1 min.

Price : Mon~Thu/Sat/Sun Dinner 16:00PM~23:00PM Male 3,990 yen, Female 3,780 yen / Fri Dinner 16:00PM~23:30PM Male 3,990 yen, Female 3,780 yen

Official Website :

5. Kitanokazoku (北の家族)

Kitanokazoku serve you not only crab but you also taste shabu shabu, tempura or a various of menu which are all you can eat!

Address : 1–7–8 Uchisaiwaicho, Chiyoda, Tokyo 100–0011

Tel : 03–3504–0330

Access : walking from JR Shimbashi station Hibiya exit approx. 5 min.

Price : Mon~Sat Dinner 16:00PM~24:00PM 4,000~5,000 yen / Holiday Dinner 16:00PM~23:00PM 4,000~5,000 yen (Not available on Sunday)

Official Website :

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