5 Must-Try Hokkaido Foods!

5 Best Dishes to Try in Hokkaido

One of the strong reasons to visit Hokkaodo is their local food!! Hokkaido has a massive land surrounded by great ocean and tremendous crop fields. Arguably it is the no.1 gourmet region in Japan. So what’s the best things to eat there?? Let’s have a look at some of yummiest food from Hokkaido!

-Salmon Roe & Sea Urchin

Must-try dish is fresh seafood on top of rice called “Kaisen Don”. Salmon roe and sea urchin taste totally different when it’s really fresh!

-Hairy Crab

Hokkaido is the kingdom of crabs where many different types of crab can be caught. Local’s favourite must be this hairy one!

-Sapporo style Soup Curry

Sapporo soup curry is quite different from regular Japanese curry. It is much more liquidy and contains lots of spices and delicious local vegetables!

-Sapporo Miso Ramen

Hokkaido locals are really keen on Ramens! There are original local ramen dishes in different areas in Hokkaido, but Miso flavour is one of their all time favourite!

-Yubari Melon

Known also as “Yubari King”. Yubari Melons are grown only in a small town called Yubari city. The sweetest melon you can ever taste. The must-have dessert in Hokkaido!

More delicious information in Hokkaido is available here!

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