Attack on Titan Exhibition FINAL will be Held in Osaka Following Tokyo

New Attack on Titan Exhibition Moving to Osaka

The latest news for fans of Attack on Titan, the popular Attack on Titan Exhibition FINAL, which was held in Tokyo during summer in 2019, is moving to Osaka, finally. Attack on Titan Exhibition Final Exhibition -THIS IS YOUR STORY- will be held at Hirakata park in Osaka, which is divided into two parts: 1st Part from 21st September to 27th October, 2019 and 2nd Part from 28th October to 1st December, 2019.

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Attack on Titan Exhibition FINAL in OsakaInformation of Attack on Titan Exhibition FINAL Osaka

Location: Hirakata Park (Event Hall 1)

Business Hours: 10:00-18:00

Date: 21st September to 27th October, 2019 (1st Part)/from 28th October to 1st December, 2019 (2nd Part)


A new exhibition of Attack on Titan will be held in Tokyo in summer 2019 following the first Attack on Titan exhibition in 2014 which was visited by over 250,000 people. The latest event Attack on Titan Exhibition FINAL (進撃の巨人展 FINAL) will be opening at MORI ARTS CENTER GALLERY in Roppongi, Tokyo from July, 2019. You can enjoy the world of Attack on Titan with a large number of original drawings and various attractions.

©諌山創・講談社/進撃の巨人展FINAL製作委員会 ©HK/AOTFE

Attack on Titan is one of the most popular ongoing Manga in Japan written by Hajime Isayama (諫山創), consisting of 28 volumes so far (April, 2019). The Manga is published in 18 languages in over 180 countries. In 2015, the two live-action films Attack on Titan Part.1 and Part.2 became a huge hit, and the new Attack on Titan’s movie will be directed by Andrés Muschietti who is famous for It at Hollywood.

©諌山創・講談社/進撃の巨人展FINAL製作委員会 ©HK/AOTFE

There are a lot of original drawings on displayed, exclusive guides of Attack on Titan’s characters’ voices and other more things which make you get fully immersed in the world of Attack on Titan. The number of the art pieces will be more than the previous exhibition in Ueno, Tokyo in 2014.

Left: Post Cards Set (972 yen), Right: Shopping Bag (1,620 yen) ©諌山創・講談社/進撃の巨人展FINAL製作委員会 ©HK/AOTFE

Attack on Titan Exhibition FINAL will also offer over 100 special items related to Attack on Titan including shopping bags, T-shirts, pouches, towels, post cards, sweets and so on, which you can purchase only at the exhibition.

Attack on Titan Limited Box (6,458 yen) ©諌山創・講談社/進撃の巨人展FINAL製作委員会 ©HK/AOTFE

For big fans of Attack on Titan, Seven Net Shopping (セブンネットショッピング), one of the largest online shops in Japan, will release Attack on Titan Limited Box containing a variety of creative goods related to the new exhibition a month earlier (from June 5th, 2019).

The term of Attack on Titan Exhibition FINAL is divided in to three parts, and the pre-opening part will start from July 5th, 2019 lasting for 3 days. Only people who get the ticket can admit during the period and be gifted the autograph of the Manga artist Hajime Isayama. The first part of the main exhibition will be held during July 8th to August 4th and the second one from August 5th until September 8th.

The Attack on Titan’s temporary exhibition will take a place at MORI ARTS CENTER GALLERY, the 52nd floor of Roppongi Hills Mori Tower. If you are a huge fan of Attack on Titan, don’t miss a chance to visit the special exhibition and jump into the fantasy world. On the same floor, another exclusive exhibition The Science Behind Pixar is open at Tokyo City View during Attack on Titan Exhibition FINAL. How about stopping by the Pixar’s exhibition after Attack on Titan Exhibition FINAL. You can book the ticket of The Science Behind Pixar at Tokyo City View in the link below, which allows you to skip the line for the exhibition.

<<Book the VIP ticket for The Science Behind Pixar now!>>

Attack on Titan Exhibition FINAL

Location: MORI ARTS CENTER GALLERY (52F Roppongi Hills Mori Tower)

Business Hours: 10:00-20:00

Date: 5th July to 8th September, 2019


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