ANA InterContinental Tokyo “Fruit Palette: Taste of Summer”

Colourful and Photo-Worthy Summer Desserts and Drinks in Tokyo 2019

Fruit Palette: Taste of Summer is a summer event currently held at ANA InterContinental Tokyo, featuring colourful and photo-worthy summer fruits desserts and drinks including all-you-can-eat dessert buffet and luxury afternoon tea. Don’t miss one of the coolest summer events in Tokyo this summer!

Several food events are held at ANA InterContinental Tokyo, one of the high-end hotels in Tokyo, including strawberry and matcha events earlier this year. The seasonal event featuring colourful summer fruits, Fruit Palette: Taste of Summer is currently held at 6 venues at the hotel including the all-you-can-eat dessert buffet at The Champagne Bar (3F) and the luxury afternoon tea at ATRIUM LOUNGE (2F). The event offers a variety of limited-edition dishes and drinks created by hotel’s top class chefs which are inspired by vivid and refreshing summer fruits colouring up our summer delightfully.

Fruit Palette: Taste of Summer is available now until 30 September 2019. Don’t miss a chance to paint your own palette with colourful summer fruits desserts and drinks at ANA InterContinental Tokyo this summer!

-Color Fruits Dessert Buffet at The Champagne Bar

The photo-worthy summer dessert buffet, Color Fruits Dessert Buffet is being held at Champagne Bar (3F), featuring 25 kinds of colourful and creative desserts and 10 savory items offering the authentic taste of summer. The colourful and cheerful dishes and vivid decorations inspired by a paint palette make you feel like being in a world of colourful art.

Delightful desserts are made with seasonal fruits including Coconuts Mango Mousse, Apricot Tart and Watermelon Roll Cake. The plates at the buffet are shaped as a paint palette which you can literally paint your own palette with the colourful desserts. There are some interactive section where you can make your own desserts by choosing fruits and decorate the plate with colourful fruits sauce.

The buffet is available with free-flow drinks including rainbow coloured herbal teas and coffee.

The refreshing and cool summer fruits desserts are the perfect way to indulge yourself during hot summer!

Review: Summer Fruits Dessert Buffet at ANA InterContinental Tokyo 2019

Price: Price: 4,600 yen (Weekdays)/5,600 yen (Weekends and Holidays)
Saturday & 11,16 August, 22 September
11:30〜13:00/13:30〜15:00/15:30〜17:00/17:30〜19:00 /19:30〜21:00
Sunday & 12, 16 August, 23 September

-Summer Fruits Afternoon Tea Set at ATRIUM LOUNGE

Enjoy a multi-coloured experience with Summer Fruits Afternoon Tea at ATRIUM LOUNGE (2F) served with a selection of 15 pop and colourful bites. Each item are made with seasonal ingredients or themes, presenting the flavour of summer. 11 sweets items are displayed beautifully on the colourful three layered stand including Passionfruit Cream, Mandarin Orange Waffle and Mixed Berry Tart. 4 kinds of colourful and creative savory bites are placed on a palette shaped white plate. In addition, there are a Raspberry jam and 4 flavours of colourful chocolate sauce which you can play with and decorate the plate and desserts.

The afternoon tea is available with a choice of a free drink from 22 kinds of teas and coffees. There are also 7 kinds of limited-edition summer fruit drinks available such as shake and smoothie.

Spoil yourself with the luxury afternoon tea set as each bites brings you a delightful moment. Summer Fruits Afternoon Tea Set is served everyday from 11:00.

Price: 4,900 yen
Weekdays-12:00~18:00 (2 hours)
Weekends and Holidays-11:00~13:00, 13:30~15:30, 16:00~18:00

-More Venues

More limited summer fruits desserts are available at ANA InterContinental Tokyo this summer! Here are 4 more venues serving delightful taste of summer.

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Fruit Patisserie collection offers 11 kinds of take away items including petit gateaux, entremets and bread with the flavour of summer fruits including Mango, Passionfruits and Pineapple.

Price: 240~5,000 yen
Hours: 7:00–22:00 (-20:30 on Weekends and Holidays)

-Teppenyaki AKASAKA (37F)

Collaborating with Un Grain, a shop in Tokyo specializing in mignardises, Teppanyaki AKASAKA offers the limited summer dessert Parfait Glacé Coco Exotique.

Price: 1,900 yen
Hours: Lunch 11:30~14:30/Dinner 17:00~21:30 (Weekends & Holidays Dinner-1st seating 17:00~19:00 2nd seating 19:30~21:30)


The Italian buffet restaurant, MIXX BAR & LOUNGE offers some refreshing summer fruits desserts at the lunch buffet.

Weekdays- Adult 3,900 yen, Senior (over 65 yo) 3,100 yen, Child (4–8 yo) 2,300 yen
Weekends and Holidays-Adult 4,990 yen, Senior 3,990 yen, Child 2,990 yen
Hours: 1st seating 11:30~13:00 / 2nd seating 13:30~15:00

-Cascade Cafe (2F)

Cascade Cafe hosts lunch and dinner buffet with various themes through the year, and during the event, a variety of summer fruits desserts are available.

Weekdays-Buffet Adult 3,900 yen, Senior 3,300 yen, Child 1,950 yen / Weekends and Holidays-Adult 4,500 yen, Senior 3,800 yen, Child 2,250 yen
Buffet Weekdays- Adult 6,300 yen, Senior 5,300 yen, Child 3,150 yen /Weekends and Holidays-Adult 7,200 yen, Senior 6,100 yen, Child 3,600 yen
Lunch Buffet-1st seating 11:30~13:00, 2nd seating 13:45~15:15
Dinner Buffet-2 hours between 18:00~21:30 (Weekdays), 1st seating 17:00~19:00, 2nd seating 19:30~21:30 (Weekends and Holidays)

*An additional 8% sales tax and 13% service charge will be added to the prices above (apart from PIERRE GAGNAIRE PAINS et GATEAUX)

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Date: 20 July to 30 September 2019


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