8 Best Instagram-Worthy Desserts in Tokyo

Cutest instagrammable sweets in Tokyo!

Everything must be Kawaii in Tokyo including food! Currently, food photography is one of the biggest trends in the city and more and more “Insta-Worthy” colourful and unique dishes are being created lately! If you are a eager foodie and wanna impress your followers on Instagram, you should definitely try these crazy looking desserts in Tokyo 😀


MIRLITON CAFE TOKYO (ミルリトンカフェ) offers the cutest drinks in the town, comes with colourful “Oiri” which is Kyoto’s traditional sweets.

Map: https://goo.gl/373Vjc

Access: 5 mins walk from Shinjuku Gyoen Mae Station

Hours: 12:00~19:30 (Closed on Monday)

2. cotito

cotito (コチト ハナトオカシト) is a flower shop with a small cafe, and there are a variety of desserts and sweets with colouful edible flowers sold.

Map: https://goo.gl/8h367N

Access: 10 mins from Nishi Ogikubo Station

Hours: 11:00~19:00

3. ILOHA Coffee

ILOHA Coffee’s ECOPRESSO is not only taste great and good looking, but it comes in a edible cup made with cookie which goes perfectly with aromatic espresso coffee!

Map: https://goo.gl/3FcLpQ

Access: 8 mins from Denenchofu Station

Hours: 10:00〜19:00 (Closed on Monday and Tuesday)


A WORKS is a unique cake shop with a variety of photogenic cheese cakes such as “Rainbow”, “Unicorn”, “OREO”, etc. There are 100 cheese cake recipes in the shop!

Map: https://goo.gl/jzqb6V

Access: 2 mins walk from Gakugei Daigaku Station

Hours: 11:30〜22:00 (Closed on Wednesday)

5. gram factory

The newly opened shaved ice shop gram factory (グラムファクトリー) allows you to customize your own shaved ice with colourful toppings 😉

Map: https://goo.gl/hu4GTi

Access: 5 mins walk from Shimokitazawa Station

Hours: 11:00〜20:00

6. Melting in the Mouth

Melting in the Mouth offers super cute picturesque soft ice cream, which are made with organic ingredients 😉

Map: https://goo.gl/Q7dWC5

Access: 4 mins walk from Hiroo Station

Hours: 10:30~20:00 (~20:30 on Weekends)

7. New New York Club

New New York Club (ニューニューヨーククラブ) is a stylish “New York” style cafe with two branches in Tokyo (Jiyugaoika and Azabu). Their homemade colourful rainbow bagels are only available on weekends at their Azabu store.

Map: https://goo.gl/UtWUvw

Access: 7 mins walk from Azabu Juban Station

Hours: 9:00〜18:00

8. Ouca

The famous Japanese style ice cream shop OUCA offers summer limited menu, the cutest bear shaved ice 😉

Map: https://goo.gl/PKQfXW

Access: 2 mins walk from Ebisu Station

Hours: 11:00~23:30 (March to October)/12:00~23:00 (November to February)

How did you enjoy the list?? More and more new cafes are opening in Tokyo with stunning photogenic desserts so stay in touch with my page and keep updated!! If you liked this story, you may be interested in these ones, too 😉

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