Where to Stay near Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea

Best Disney Official Hotels for Tokyo Disney Resort

If you want to enjoy Tokyo Disneyland (TDL), Tokyo DisneySea (TDS) or both, I highly recommend to stay at the Disney official hotels. There are 6 Tokyo Disney Resort Official Hotels near Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea. They are very accessible and offer a lot of benefits only to the guests.

Main benefits are below:

You can

I. purchase tickets of TDL/TDS in the hotels.

II. be guaranteed to admit TDL/TDS even if admission is regulated due to too much people.

III. deliver your luggage to the hotels at “Welcome Center” of Maihama Station South Exit and can immediately head to TDL/TDS.

IV. ride free shuttle buses to Bayside Station (Disney Resort Line).

V. get the same Disney goods as those sold in the Disneyland and DisneySea at Disney official shop “Disney Fantasy”. It is situated in each hotel.

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1. Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel

© 2017 Marriott International, Inc

The closest hotel to Tokyo DisneySea of the 6 official hotels, and the nearest to Bayside Station (the station between TDL and TDS) of Disney Resort Line. Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel has various themed rooms and all of the hotel rooms have balconies.

“Oasis”, a recreation facility, offers spa, fitness and pools inside and outside (outside pool is available from 1st July to 21st August.) It also includes the play space where kids enjoy.

Website: http://www.sheratongrandetokyobay.com/

Rate: from JPY16,000

You can book Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel at the best rate!!

2. Hilton Tokyo Bay

© 2017 ヒルトン・ワールドワイド

Hilton Tokyo Bay provides artistic guest rooms where you can view TDL, TDS and Tokyo Bay from the windows of the rooms. You can reach Bayside Station, the station between TDL and TDS, by shuttle bus from the hotel.

The hotel has the special dining space “the square” which consists of three sections: a bar, Asian restaurant and Italian restaurant.

Other facilities are available like spa and a 50-meter-long garden pool (22nd July to 2nd September), and an around-the-clock convenience store is also helpful.

Website: http://www3.hilton.com/en/hotels/japan/hilton-tokyo-bay-TYOTBTW/index.html

Rate: from JPY16,000

You can book Hilton Tokyo Bay at the best rate!!

3. Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel

©︎ 2006 Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel Corporation

The circular building will draw your attention. Due to the round shape, you will see TDL or Tokyo Bay from the room depending on the aspects. Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel, the newest hotel of all official ones, receives natural light poured through the 11-story vaulted ceiling.

Western food restaurant “Fine Terrace” offers high-quality dished both in a buffet style and a la carte under the vaulted ceiling. Of course, free shuttle buses take you to Bayside Station.

Website: http://www.maihamahotel.jp/en/index.html

Rate: from JPY13,000

You can book Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel at the best rate!!

4. Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel Club Resort


The atmosphere inside Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel Club Resort is designed as a resort park. You can keep the unreality feeling after coming back from TDL or TDS.

One of the advantages is that all the rooms have balconies with 180-degree panorama viewing. For dinner the French restaurant “Sur La Mer” is recommended while viewing Tokyo Bay night scenery.

They provide Japanese, Western and Chinese food with the fresh ingredients from the local Chiba area as breakfast.

Website: http://www.tbm-clubresort.jp/eng/

Rate: from JPY9,000

You can book Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel Club Resort at the best rate!!

5. Sunroute Plaza Tokyo


Sunroute Plaza Tokyo has the closest location to TDL. It takes only 10 mins to walk to the park.

There are several types of rooms which please even children such as “Castle Room” and “Frontier Room”. As if you jumped into picture book worlds.

At night, please try dinner Sky Restaurant “Carnival” on the top floor of the hotel. It will give you the chance to view the shiny Cinderella Castle.

Website: http://www.sunroute-plaza-tokyo.com/en/

Rate: from JPY8,000

You can book Sunroute Plaza Tokyo at the best rate!!

6. Hotel Okura Tokyo Bay

©︎ Hotel Okura Tokyo Bay

Hotel Okura Tokyo Bay is also the hotel closest to Bayside Station. Each type of rooms is spacious and comfortable, and from the rooms facing TDL you can see Cinderella Castle lit up at night. Only the guests of Japanese-style rooms can use the private bath.

If you get tired after playing hard in Disney Resort, don’t worry. Just relax with the relaxation massage.

Website: https://www.okura-nikko.com/japan/urayasu/hotel-okura-tokyo-bay/

Rate: from JPY12,000

You can book Hotel Okura Tokyo Bay at the best rate!!

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If you make a plan to visit both of Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea for multiple days, the 6 official hotels will be the first choice. You shouldn’t miss the privileges for their guests.

In the following article, we have compiled information on various types of accommodations in Japan, including hotels and traditional Ryokan. With our Japan Accommodation Guide, find the perfect lodging experience for you!

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