Shabu-yo: Affordable all-you-can-eat Shabu-Shabu Restaurant in Japan

reporting all about "Shabu-yo": the most recommended & affordable shabu-shabu restaurant in Japan!

Have you ever heard of Shabu-Shabu? It’s one of most significant Japanese dishes, getting really popular among foreign tourists nowadays. The literal meaning of the word, “shabu-shabu” is the movement when you put and wave/shake the ingredients inside the cooking pot. After you do “the waving”, dip your ingredients into your choice of sauce.

Shabu-Yo (しゃぶ葉) is a popular franchised restaurant serving Shabu-Shabu and several side dishes in all-you-can-eat style at very affordable price.

The meat, such as beef, pork, chicken is served by order. However, other than that, vegetables for shabu-shabu, sauce, salads, sushi (dinner time only), steamed rice, curry (Japanese style), udon are all self-service and refillable without additional charge.

They have “soft cream” (Japanese soft ice cream) machine. On the side of it, there are a variety of toppings on like chocolate sauce, jams and such! Why don’t you try and make your very own dessert?

Speaking of desserts, you can also make your own crushed ice, waffles which are popular among kids.

This time, we ordered “beef and sangen pork all-you-can-eat + sushi dinner course” (¥ 1,999 + tax). You can also add some self-served and free-refill option: a drink bar (no alcohol) option or an alcohol bar option with additional fee.

Drink bar (no alcohol):

JPY 200 + tax / person

Alcohol bar:

JPY 1,500 + tax / man

JPY 1,200 + tax / woman

Compare to steaks and hamburger patties, shabu-shabu is very light that you could eat so much of it!

There are several Shabu-shabu all-you-can-eat chain restaurants in Tokyo, but we recommend “shabu-yo” the most, because of its price. It is very cheap considering the variety of things you can eat and how everything is all-you-can-eat.

They have many courses to choose from and there are 187 restaurants in all over japan.

How about you give this a try?

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