Rilakkuma Cafe Hiroshima Miyajima

Miyajima Rilakkuma Sabo: Traditional Japanese Style Rilakkuma Cafe in Hiroshima Miyajima Island

Rilakkuma is one of the most beloved characters from Japan, and a wide variety of themed products are sold at shops today. Rilakkuma has a large number of fans worldwide.

One thing Rilakkuma fans look forward to most is the themed pop up cafes which open occasionally across Japan. There has been several Rilakkuma themed pop up stores/cafes at several cities in Japan with limited food & drink menu and products, which has attracted hundreds of thousands visitors, however, there has been only one permanent Rilakkuma cafe in Japan so far.

The traditional Japanese themed Rilakkuma Cafe, “Rilakkuma Sabo (りらっくま茶房)” opened in Kyoto’s Arashiyama area a couple of years go, featuring exclusive menu inspired by Rilakkuma and regional products. Soon after opening, the Rilakkuma cafe in Kyoto has been one of the hottest places to visit in town. Super cute and delicious Rilakkuma food, desserts and drinks can be enjoyed as well as limited Rilakkuma products which are sold at the cafe shop.

In 2019 spring, the greatest news has been announced for Rilakkuma fans! The Japanese style Rilakkuma cafe, Rilakkuma Sabo is opening its second branch at another top visited tourist spot in Japan, Miyajima Island in Hiroshima Prefecture. The cafe is situated situated near the ferry port and only a few steps away from Itsukushima Shrine which is famous for the floating red torii gate. Miyajima Rilakkuma Sabo is a “permanent” cafe.

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The food and drink menu at Rilakkuma Sabo Miyajima Store is very unique and original, using local specialties from Hiroshima Prefecture such as salt-water eels (Anago in Japanese), oysters and citrus, featuring regional motif such as the red torii gate and maple leaves, and collaborating with super cute Rilakkuma and friends motif.

Along with delicious food and drinks, there are a wide variety of Rilakkuma products sold at the cafe shop. There are numbers of limited products which you can only purchase at this branch! It’s a perfect place to shop souvenir for Rilakkuma fans. Also there are some take-away snacks such as the famous maple-shaped cake from Hiroshima Prefecture, Momiji Manju the cute Rilakkuma motif.

Let’s take a look at some of the cutest Rilakkuma food and products available at Miyajima Rilakkuma Sabo!

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<<Miyajima Rilakkuma Sabo>>


Access: 10 mins walk from Miyajima Ferry Port

Cafe 10:30~17:30
Takeout 10:00~17:30
Shop 10:00~18:00


The Miyajima Rilakkuma Sabo is opening on Miyajima Island on 25 April 2019. If you are visiting Hiroshima, make sure to pop by and have the most Kawaii/traditional experience with adorable Rilakkuma!

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