Japanese Garden at Hotel New Otani Tokyo

Real Oasis in the City! Visit the Beautiful Japanese Garden at Hotel New Otani Tokyo for FREE!!

You may imagine Tokyo is a concrete jungle fully crowded with modern skyscrapers and there are not many places to enjoy nature or traditional Japanese style Zen gardens, especially in a center of the city.. That’s not really true! I’m going to whisper you one of the most beautiful Japanese gardens which exists in a heart of Tokyo surrounded with skyscrapers! It’s a true hidden treasure and real oasis in the city!

Hotel New Otani Tokyo was opened in 1964 and has been stated as one of the greatest Japanese hotels. The hotel has long history with serving numbers of both Japanese and foreign important people and celebrities and has been set as several movies location. It is known as one of the 3 greatest hotels in Japan with Imperial Hotel Tokyo and Hotel Okura Tokyo.

The hotel has 1479 rooms, 39 restaurants and many other facilities including the beautiful “Japanese Garden”.

So yes, “the garden” is what I’m taking about!

Hotel New Otani’s Japanese Garden is permitted to enter and walk around even if you are not a hotel guest. It was originally built about 400 years ago in Edo period and has been a symbol of the hotel. The size of the garden is 40,000 m2 consists with a 6m big waterfall, pond with over 300 carps and red arch bridge. There are also 4 restaurants in the garden and 7 restaurants inside the hotel with overlook view of the garden.

Once you are in the garden, it is hard to think that you are in an utter concrete jungle! The very traditional Japanese style garden is so well maintained unlikely in metropolitan area. Well yes, you may see some of skyscrapers popping up from the back of the garden view but they also create very unique view like “Zen meets modern”.

If you are tired of walking in the city and looking for a cool Zen breeze, this is real oasis in Tokyo!

The hotel is located only 3 mins walk from both Akasaka Mitsuke Station Exsit D (Tokyo metro Ginza Line/Marunouchi Line) OR Nagatacho Station Exit 7 ( Hanzomon Line/Nanboku Line)

Hours: 6 am to 10 pm everyday

Fee: Free!

Address: 4–1 Kioicho, Chiyoda-Ward

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