Long-term Pocket WiFi Rental | Special Rates for JET Participants

Stay Connected also in Japan?

Wondering how best to stay connected to the internet while you’re in Japan for the JET Programme? Rental pocket wifi router should be one of your best solutions. Easy to set up than SIM card usage, especially when using multiple WiFi devices (e.g. phones, tablet, laptop, etc.). Very simple collection from online ordering and handy returning. Give a go to the rental pocket wifi routers!

We are Japan Wireless, a pocket wifi router rental company since 2013 used by over 270,000 people from over the world.
Of course, we’ve happily served JET participants in the past and will be doing so always.


Our advantages are offering unlimited Internet access, budget-friendly rates, and user-friendly bilingual customer services.
See how wonderful comments we had received from our valued customers.

Now we are ready for new JET Participants 2019.

【Long Term Rental Special Price 】

For the rental of Premium model for longer than 2 months (60 days), we offer you a discounted rate.
(For the remaining days shorter than 1 month (30 days), the rental fee is handled with @350 per day and added to your payment amount. See the note ” *3 ” below.)

To Pay your rental fee by Monthly-base, per month rate is 9,720JPY.
*1 Shipping fee 500JPY will be added at the starting month.
*2 Price does not include insurance (1,000 JPY per month).
*3 @350 x (number of remaining days) will be added at the starting month.

To pay a Lump sum, we can even offer you better rates (see the attached rate table below.)
*1 Shipping fee 500JPY will be added to the table’s total.
*2 Prices are shown with safety insurance covered/uncovered cases (1,000 JPY per 1 month).
*3 @350 x (number of remaining days) will be added to the total.

◎Without Insurance

Term 2 month 3 month 4 month 5 month 6 month 7 month
Price 19,170 28,350 37,260 45,900 54,270 62,370
Rate/mo 9,585 9,450 9,315 9,180 9,045 8,910
◎With Insurance
Term 2 month 3 month 4 month  5 month 6 month 7 month
Price 21,170 31,350 41,260 50,900 60,270 69,370
Rate/ mo 10,585 10,450 10,315 10,180 10,045 9,910
【How to Order】
(When your arrival is in less than 48 hours, shipment may be too difficult already to the destinations such as Hokkaido, Okinawa, etc. remote places. Please contact Customer Services.)

To place your long-term order, scroll down and fill out the order form below.

* The reminder days shorter than 30 days (ex. ‘3 days’ out of 63 days rental), select 2 months and specify the exact days in the Special Request box.
Then close the following PayPal window without processing payment.

* Specify payment method preference in the Special Request box, for example, ‘ Long-term 2 months (or xx days) by monthly payment’ or ‘lump sum’.

【Refund Policy for Long-Term Rental】

Since this is a very special rate offering, please read and accept our long-term order canceling and early return Refunding Policy before ordering.

+++++++【Refund Policy for Long-Term Rental】+++++++++++

– Cancellation before shipping out your delivery package: full refund
– Cancellation after shipping out your delivery package: refund after deducting the package shipping and retrieving fee
– Cancellation during your rental term ( early returning ) will be refunded following the table below.

1-10 days 11-25 days 25-30 days
No refund Available 4,000JPY 8,000JPY

>>>Example) Early-return case:
3 months and 9 days early returning (99 days) of a lump sum paid case:
3 x 8,000 ( 9 days not refundable) = JPY 24,000 will be refunded.

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