HAFUU Main Blanch: Gorgeous Beef Cutlet in Kyoto

Beef Cutlet at HAFUU Main Blanch in Kyoto


Hafuu (はふう 本店) was originally open as a butcher shop in Kyoto, so it can handle well-selected beef. There are several options to eat the beef; steak, beef cutlet or sandwiches (take-out available). You can enjoy the great beef dishes at a more affordable price at lunch. If I were you, I would have a sirloin steak and take out a sandwich to hotels. It’s good for foreign visitors that the restaurant’s atmosphere is modern but nostalgic Japanese-style.


Near Sightseeing Spots: Kyoto Imperial Palace, Nijo Castle

Access: 10 mins walk from east exit of Marutamachi station(Karasuma line)

Hours: 11:30–13:30(Lunch)/17:30–21:30(Dinner)

Close: Wednesday

Budget: 2,000–3,000 JPY(Lunch)/6,000–7,000 JPY(Dinner)

Genre: Wagyu Beef

Official website: http://hafuu.com/eng_index.html

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