Evangelion XR Ride Returns to Universal Studios Japan in 2018!

The legendary ride: Evangelion XR Ride is back to USJ this summer

The new Evangelion XR Ride is making a massive comeback to Universal Studios Japan from 6th July 2018 to 6th January 2019. Experience the world of Evangelion with the cutting edge technology of XR ride in Japan!

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Universal Studios Japan in Osaka is the most popular amusement park in Japan, featuring numbers of fun and thrilling attractions such as the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Minion Park, The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man and many more! The park also excites guests by seasonal events and temporary attractions through the year.

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In 2018 summer, one of most popular and anticipated attractions is returning to USJ! The Neon Genesis Evangelion themed attraction, “Evangelion XR Ride” is back from 6th July 2018 till 6th January 2019!!

The Evangelion XR Ride originally appeared in USJ in 2017 as a temporary attraction. The attraction was sensationally popular as it received a high satisfaction rate of 99% by guests. This time, the ride is updated to the new version offering guests a whole new experience.

© カラー / ™ & © Universal Studios.

XR ride is the cutting edge attraction combining the high technology and the super fast roller coaster ride which embarks guests on a super-real experience.

The thrilling ride features the battle between Evangelion (EVA) and Angel (使徒 Shito), and the animation was specially created for this ride. The guests wear special VR goggles and experience through the virtual reality world of Evangelion, feel the sense of gravity with several intense movements such as quick accelerating, ascending,etc, and try to escape from the attack of Angel.

© カラー / ™ & © Universal Studios.

© カラー / ™ & © Universal Studios.

Moreover, during the period, the special merchandise will be sold such as EVA-03 popcorn bucket, NERV cookies, T-Shirts, etc, that Evangelion fans definitely can not miss!

As the Evangelion XR Ride is anticipated to be super busy, to avoid the long waiting queue, it’s strongly recommended to get an Express Pass in advance!

More and more exciting attractions and events are coming up ahead to Universal Studios Japan (USJ) so make sure to keep updated!

Evangelion XR Ride

Location: Space Fantasy the Ride

Date: 6th July 2018 to 6th January 2019

Universal Studios Japan Official Website: http://www.usj.co.jp/e/

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