Best under 500 yen Ramen Restaurants in Tokyo

Best Cheap and Delicious Ramen in Tokyo

Can you believe you can eat a Ramen dish in a centre of Tokyo even with $3..? Let’s check 6 most affordable Ramen shops in in Tokyo which all are under $5 (500 JPY)

1. Seiya (せい家) ¥500

Saiya is a franchised Ramen shop with over 20 branches in all around Tokyo including the one in Harajuku. Seiya serves ramen with rich and smooth soup with pork and chicken broth topped with a slice of pork belly, spinach and seaweed ONLY at 500 JPY ($5)!!!

Address: 1–21–15 Jingumae, Shibuya-ward, Tokyo

Nearest station: 3mins walk from Harajuku station (JR Yamanote line)

Hours: 11:00~2:30

2. Hakata Tenjin (博多天神) ¥500

Eat true Hakata Style Ramen in Tokyo under $5!! Hakata Tenjin has over 10 branches in Tokyo and 4 of them are located near JR Shinjuku Station. If you love Ramen with rich and creamy pork broth soup, you should have a go!

Address: 3–22–6 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ward, Tokyo

Nearest station: 5 mins walk from Shinjuku Station

Hours: 10:00~16:00

3. Mihara (中華三原) ¥450

Located in Ginza. Mihara is a Chinese restaurant established in 1964 and keep their taste and price at their best for over 50 years! Mihara is beloved by locals for many decades and it’s one of the cheapest places to eat in the posh area Ginza!!

Address: 5–9–5 Ginza, Chuo-ward, Tokyo

Nearest station: 1 min from Higashi Ginza Station, Exit A1 (Tokyo Metro Hibiya line/Asakusa line)

Hours: 11:00~15:00,17:00~18:30

Closed: Sundays

4. Korai (光来) ¥400

Surviving for over 60 years in Tokyo’s most strict Ramen district, Nishi Shunjuku! Korai started running their business in 1953 and has been serving millions of people till now. Korai’s Ramen is very simple chicken stock base soup which is basic “no one can hate” Ramen under $4!

Address: 7–14–12 Nishi Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ward, Tokyo

Nearest station: 2 mins walk from Nishi Shinjuku station

Hours: 11:00~15:00 16:30~21:00

Closed: Sundays

5. Miwami (喜輪味) ¥320

Kiwami is located in Ginza and very closed to Tsukiji Fish Market. You may enjoy eating seafood in the market but if you are looking for something more affordable, let’s just walk around the market then have this yummy Ramen under $4.

Address: 7–17–11 Ginza, Chuo-ward, Tokyo

Nearest station: 3 mins walk from Tsukijishijo station, Exit:A3 (Tokyo Metro Oedo line)

Hours: 11:00~21:00 (weekdays)/11:00~19:00 (weekends)

6. Ramen Sankichi (らーめん三吉) ¥300

Ginza is supposed to be the most expensive area of Tokyo. So this is ridiculously cheap. Ramen Sankichi serves their simple basic Ramen at 300JPY ($3) which probably is the cheapest dish in the area!

Address: B1F Ginza NINE 2, 8–7 Ginza, Chuo-ward, Tokyo

Nearest station: 5 mins walk from JR Shimbashi station, Ginza Exit

Hours: 11:30~14:15,16:30~20:00 (weekdays)

Closed: weekends


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