Tokyo has been the center of politics, economy, culture and trend of the country for many decades since the Tokugawa clan established their Shogunate in Edo (old Tokyo) back in 1603. It’s undoubtedly Japan’s most visited city by foreign tourists, and considered as the safest city on the planet. Although Tokyo is often described as one of world’s most expensive cities, in fact, it’s much more affordable than everyone thinks ($1 for a bottle of water).

We can never get enough of this vibrant city, as it keeps entertaining us with millions of attractions in many ways. Depending on your needs, each area in Tokyo offers different kinds of attractions and activities.

Tokyo by Area

Here is our quick guide of Tokyo, introducing most popular areas with their top attractions.


東京哈利波特影城櫻花靈感春季系系列 2024
麻布台之丘市場 Azabudai Hills Market 3月13日開業:圖文店家特色介紹
《魔髮奇緣》樂佩咖啡廳 2024
日本星巴克旗艦店預約烘焙坊 STARBUCKS RESERVE(R) ROASTERY TOKYO 2024 完整攻略圖文分享(樓層介紹,櫻花限定)
大阪 2024年春季最佳下午茶
京都 2024年春季最佳下午茶
東京台場沉浸體驗城堡(IMMERSIVE FORT TOKYO) 2024年3月開幕! 必玩設施介紹
JR 西日本 Hello Kitty 粉紅緞帶新幹線列車 (限定一天一班行駛)
東京迪士尼海洋夢幻泉鄉大飯店 (Fantasy Springs Hotel) 2024年6月開幕!
日本環球影城(環球酷)最佳遊樂設施 2024
日本名偵探柯南咖啡廳 2024
日本星巴克櫻花杯和馬克杯第二彈 2024