Japan Autumn Travel Guide

Autumn in Japan is the best to view autumn leaves

Japanese autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons where leaves change its color into red or golden yellow.

It is said that autumn has the best climate to do different kinds of activities. Japanese people say this season is the best to do things such as “eating”, “creating art”, “reading books” and “playing sports”.

Japan is famous for cherry blossom, but also many people come to see Japanese autumnal leaves. Mainly, the best time to see them is October to November. In Tokyo, usually late November is at its best.

Halloween is getting recognition more and more each year in Japan. Many Halloween related events take place.

But, the thing is, September is the month where many typhoons come to Japan. If you are traveling to the south of Japan, note that transportations and such may be affected by them.

Travel Tips for Autumn

Autumn leaves in Kyoto is highly recommended. You could see them in Tokyo as well, but if your purpose of the trip is to see beautiful autumnal leaves, you should visit Kyoto.

Viewing the autumnal trees with a temple or a shrine is nothing like any other places in Japan or countries.

▽Here, we have the average temperature in Tokyo in these three years. Please refer this when you are considering what to wear▽

Average temperature in Tokyo:

September: 23℃/46.4℉

October: 17℃/62.6℉

November: 12℃/53.6℉

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