Event List in Tokyo This Weekend (November 4 and 5, 2023)

The best events, activities, and exhibitions held this weekend in Tokyo

Event List in Tokyo This Weekend2

Tokyo is one of Japan’s bustling cities with a variety of events taking place everywhere with a mix of tradition and modernity from art exhibitions, theatrical performances, and musical concerts to cultural festivals and seasonal food-related events, an alluring destination that offers a variety of experiences to enrich your knowledge.

The weekend in Tokyo is a whirlwind adventure that offers realistic and exciting events. Yes, there are even more activities happening during the weekend in different parts of Tokyo and because the current season is almost over and the new season is coming, here you can read about some events held in Tokyo related to the autumn season.

This article contains various events in Tokyo with related information such as dates, places, and more. I hope this article helps you find great events, especially for those who want to visit the City. Please do not miss some of the exciting events check it out below.

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Events during Autumn

One thing you will notice if you live in Japan for a while is that there will be more events than usual during autumn. This is because autumn is considered in Japanese culture to be the perfect season to get in touch with culture. The temperature outside is neither too hot nor too cold, and there are many seasonal foods that can be enjoyed only during this season.

Because of this, many cultural events will be held during autumn. Traditional Japanese Matsuri festivals, events concerning watching autumn’s red and yellow leaves, and events where you can enjoy seasonal foods and drinks. Not only Japanese traditional events but also international events such as Oktoberfest are held in many parts of Tokyo during autumn.

Since the temperature outside is just perfect, many of these events will be held outdoors. Yoyogi Park, Hibiya Park, Inokashira Park, and Ueno Park are just some of the few places that constantly hold events during this season. You will also see many events held on shopping streets (商店街) or near Shito Shrines and Buddhist Temples.

There are also seasonal flowers such as Cosmos and roses which can be seen at some parks or botanical gardens around the city. Talking about seasonal things, there are so many delicious seasonal foods such as chestnuts, sweet potatoes, persimmon, and pacific saury among others. You will see many special “limited time” menus at restaurants using these seasonal ingredients, so be sure to not miss these!

Now that you know a little bit about autumn-related Japanese culture, here is the event list in Tokyo this weekend (November 4 and 5, 2023).

1. The 22nd Dream Yosakoi Festival

The 22nd Dream Yosakoi Festival-min
Copyright All Rights Reserved © DREAM夜さ来い祭り 2013

Event Period: November 4 and 5, 2023

Location: Odaiba and Marunouchi Area

Official Website: https://www.dreamyosacoy.jp/

2. Suginami Festa 2023

Suginami Festa 2023-min
Copyright (c) Suginami Festa

Event Period: November 4 and 5, 2023

Location: Momoi Harappa Park

Official Website: https://www.sugifes.com/

3. 50th Anniv. Tezuka Osamu’s BLACL JACK Exhibition

© Tezuka Productions

Event Period: October 6 to November 6, 2023

Location: Tokyo City View

Official Website: https://blackjackex.roppongihills.com/

4. The 20th Tokyo Nomi no Ichi (Flea Market)

The 20th Tokyo Nomi no Ichi (Flea Market)-min
Copyright (c) TEGAMISHA

Event Period: November 3 to 5, 2023

Location: Showa Kinen Park

Official Website: https://tokyonominoichi.com/2023_autumn/outline/

5. Yomiuriland Jewellumination: LIGHT is LOVE

Yomiuriland Jewellumination LIGHT is LOVE-min (1)
Copyright(c) YOMIURI LAND

Event Period: October 19, 2023 to April 4, 2024

Location: Yomiuriland Amusement Park

Official Website: https://www.yomiuriland.com/en/jewellumination/

For more information about the Illumination event in Tokyo, check out the following article!

▶Tokyo Winter Illumination Guide 2023-2024

6. Sheep Festa 2023 in Nakano Antenna Street

Sheep Festa 2023 in Nakano Antenna Street-min
Copyright ©羊フェスタ2023inなかのアンテナストリート実行委員会

Event Period: November 4 and 5, 2023

Location: Nakano Central Park

Official Website: https://hitsujifesta.com/

7. Furusato Shibuya Festival 2023

Furusato Shibuya Festival 2023-min
Copyright @ Shibuya City Office

Event Period: November 4 and 5, 2023

Location: Yoyogi Park

Official Website: https://www.shibuya-fes.online/

8. Dai Tsukemen Expo

Dai Tsukemen Expo
© Copyright大つけ麺博実行委員会

Event Period: October 11 to November 26, 2023

Location: Shinjuku/Okubo Park

Official Website: https://dai-tsukemen-haku.com/

9. Kanda Curry Grand Prix 2023

Kanda Curry Grand Prix 2023-min (1)
Copyright © 神田カレー街活性化委員会

Event Period: November 4 and 5, 2023

Location: Chiyoda Ward, Ogawa Square

Official Website: https://kanda-curry.com/

10. Shiki no Kaori Rose Garden 2023 Autumn Festival

Shiki no Kaori Rose Garden 2023 Autumn Festival
Copyright(C) Nerima-ku shikinokaori rosegarden

Event Period: October 7 to November 5, 2023

Location: Shiki no Kaori Rose Garden

Official Website: https://www.shikinokaori-rose-garden.com/

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I hope you enjoyed this article about events in Tokyo this weekend. As I previously mentioned, it can be difficult to keep track of every festival, exhibition and other event happening in Tokyo, so hopefully, this article serves as a reference for you to find things to do in Tokyo.

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