Event List in Tokyo This Week (October 30 to November 5, 2023)

The best events, activities, and exhibitions held this week in Tokyo

Event List in Tokyo This Week2

Tokyo in Japan offers endless activities for local and tourist people. There are many happening all the time in various cities from sports events, art exhibitions, theatrical performances, and musical concerts to cultural festivals and seasonal food-related events. People can enjoy the annual celebration of all seasons in Japan particularly in Tokyo from the historic temples to the modern technologies.

Tokyo is the largest city and one of Japan’s most famous tourist destinations. It is a dynamic and bustling metropolis getaway where you can experience unique events and modern attractions like the famous tourist spot Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea, the Tokyo Tower, Skytree, and the historical temples of Asakusa. The other attractions in major cities in Tokyo have not yet been mentioned such as Shibuya, Shinjuku, Ginza, Roppongi, Ueno, Odaiba, and many more, which shows different aspects of Tokyo from traditional to modern culture and technology.

Truly the most lively city in Japan where many big events are held here. And if you are looking for things to do in Tokyo when visiting Japan, here you will read about some events happening in various cities in Tokyo. In this article, I will share 10 events in Tokyo during this week and I hope this will help you find some interesting events in Tokyo that you can enjoy.

Autumn for Culture

Before going to the list, I’d like to explain the phrase Bunka no Aki (文化の秋) which means “autumn for culture”. As I mentioned in the introduction of this article, autumn is a season when Japanese people, traditionally speaking, deliberately spend time getting in touch with culture.

In Japan, there are these phrases related to autumn: Supo-tsu no aki (スポーツの秋), Dokusho no aki (読書の秋), Shokuyoku no aki (食欲の秋), Shukaku no aki (収穫の秋), and Geijutsu no aki (芸術の秋). These mean “Autumn for sports”, “Autumn for reading”, “Autumn for hunger”, “Autumn for harvest”, and “Autumn for art” respectively. All of these words have a different origin story, but in the end, all these are phrases you’ll hear people say once the temperature outside starts to chill down.

“Autumn for Sports” comes from the fact that the Tokyo Olympics of 1964 were held in October. “Autumn for reading” became popular after Japanese writer Natsume Soseki (夏目漱石) referenced an old poem stating that autumn is the best season for reading because of the temperature. “Autumn of hunger” is said because there are so many delicious seasonal foods such as chestnuts, sweet potatoes, persimmon, and pacific saury among others.

Now that you know a little bit about autumn-related Japanese culture, here is the event list in Tokyo this week (October 30 to November 5, 2023).

1. Yellow Leaves/Autumn Leaves Festival & Autumn Night Walk 2023

Autumn Night Walk 2023-min
Copyright ©Showa Kinen Park

Event Period: November 3 to 26, 2023

Location: Showa Kinen Park

Official Website: https://www.showakinen-koen.jp/event/28271/

2. Winnie the Pooh” FUNNY & HUNNY

©Disney. Based on the “Winnie the Pooh” works by A.A. Milne and E.H. Shepard.

Event Period: September 23 to November 12, 2023

Location: OH MY CAFE in Tokyo

Official Website: https://hunny2023.ohmycafe.jp/information/tokyo/

3. Hello Kitty and Kiki Lala Buffet

Hello Kitty and Kiki Lala Buffet-min
© 2023 SANRIO CO., LTD. APPROVAL NO. L644493 © Keio Plaza Hotel Co., Ltd.

Event Period: November 1, 2023 to January 31, 2024

Location: Keio Plaza Hotel Hachioji

Official Website: https://www.keioplaza.co.jp/hachioji/event/winter-sweets/dinner-sweets.html

4. Tokyo Skytree Town Dream Christmas 2023

Tokyo Skytree Town Dream Christmas 2023-min

Event Period: November 1 to December 25, 2023

Location: Tokyo Skytree

Official Website: https://www.tokyo-skytree.jp/event/info/xmas2023

For more information about the Illumination event in Tokyo, check out the following article!

Tokyo Winter Illumination Guide 2023-2024

5. Tokyo Ramen Festa 2023

Tokyo Ramen Festa 2023-min
Copyright © 2023 東京ラーメンフェスタ実行委員会

Event Period: October 26 to November 5, 2023

Location: Komazawa Olympic Park Plaza

Official Website: https://ra-fes.com/

6. Autumn Rose Festival 2023

Autumn Rose Festival 2023-
© 公益財団法人 東京都公園協会

Event Period: October 3 to November 12, 2023

Location: Jindai Botanical Park

Official Website: https://www.tokyo-park.or.jp/jindai/

7. Chikawa and Hoshifuru Sky Tree

Chikawa and Hoshifuru Sky Tree -min

Event Period: October 17, 2023 to January 16, 2024

Location: Tokyo Skytree

Official Website: https://www.tokyo-skytree.jp/event/special/chiikawa/

8. Hotel Gajoen Tokyo Lunch with in-house Art Tour

Hotel Gajoen Tokyo Lunch with in-house Art Tour-min
Copyright© K.K.Meguro Gajoen.

Event Period: October 4 to November 29, 2023

Location: Hotel Gajoen Tokyo

Official Website: https://www.hotelgajoen-tokyo.com/archives/87517

9. Park Fest 894 in Nishizono

Park Fest 894 in Nishizono-min
Copyright 町田薬師池公園四季彩の杜西園

Event Period: October 28 to November 12, 2023

Location: Machida Yakushiike Park Shikisai no Mori West Garden

Official Website: https://shikisainomori-nishien.com/

10. R11R x Parco (Ikebukuro) Special Exhibition 2023

R11R x Parco (Ikebukuro) Special Exhibition 2023-min
Copyright (c) PARCO

Event Period: October 13 to November 12, 2023

Location: Ikebukuro Parco building

Official Website: https://ikebukuro.parco.jp/page/r11r/

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I hope you enjoyed this article about events in Tokyo this week. As I previously mentioned, it can be difficult to keep track of every festival, exhibition and other event happening in Tokyo, so hopefully, this article serves as a reference for you to find things to do in Tokyo.

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