Event List in Osaka This Week (July 3 to 9, 2023)

The best events, activities, and exhibitions held this week in Osaka

Event List in Osaka This Week2

Osaka has a lot of fun and interesting places to visit as well as tourist attractions. Osaka Castle, USJ, Kaiyukan, Shinsekai, etc… If you visit Osaka, you will need to stay for a few days to enjoy all the tourist attractions the city has to offer.

However, if you live in Osaka, or if you’re planning on visiting Osaka for a prolonged amount of time, you might run out of popular tourist places to visit. If this happens, the next thing you can do is check out events that you can be part of within the city.

Osaka, one of Japan’s largest cities, has many events happening simultaneously. From art exhibitions, theatrical performances, and musical concerts to cultural festivals and seasonal food-related events. Because so many things happening at the same time, you might overlook an event you would have liked to check out.

Hopefully, that is where this article may help you to avoid exactly that. In this article, I will share 10 of the most talked about events happening this week in Osaka. If you live in Osaka and have some free time, or if you happen to be visiting Osaka during this week, then I hope at least one of these events will interest you to check it out.

Summer events in Japan

Summer is the time of the year when people are most energized; families and friends gather together to do things, travel to places, etc. For people who live in Osaka or are planning on visiting Osaka, you should know that this is the time of the year when there are most numbers of events (especially outdoor events) happening across the prefecture.

Festivals such as Omatsuri, Fireworks festivals, food festivals, and music festivals are just some examples of the excitement that Summer will bring to Osaka.

When it comes to Japanese traditional events, there is Marine Day (海の日) and Japanese Summer Star Festival (七夕) in July, Mountain Day (山の日) in August, and Respect for the Aged Day (敬老の日) in September. Other than this, Obon (お盆) takes place in either mid-August or July. Obon is the Buddhist festival to welcome the spirits of your ancestors, one of Japan’s most important holidays.

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Now that you know a little bit about Summer-related Japanese culture, here is the event list in Osaka this week (July 3 to 9, 2023).

1. NO LIMIT! Summer

NO LIMIT! Summer
TM & © Universal Studios. All rights reserved.

Event Period: July 5 to August 24, 2023

Location: Universal Studio Japan

Official Website: https://www.usj.co.jp/web/ja/jp/events/no-limit-summer-2023

2. Hawaii Fair 2023

All Rights Reserved.

Event Period: July 5 to 10, 2023Location: Hankyu Umeda Hall

Official Website: https://website.hankyu-dept.co.jp/honten/h/hawaii/

3. Hawaiian Bistro Buffet

© レストラン「アマデウス」 2023

Event Period: June 1 to August 31, 2023

Location: Amadeus Westin Osaka

Official Website: https://amadeus.westinosaka.com/dinner

4. A Night in Barcelona (St. Regis Champagne & Beer Garden)

© 2023 All Rights Reserved.

Event Period: Grand Opening June 15 to September 30, 2023

Location: The St. Regis Hotel Osaka The St. Regis Bar Tenku no Niwa (12th floor)

Official Website: https://www.stregisbar.stregisosaka.com/

5. Detective Conan Cafe 2023

Detective Conan Cafe in Japan 2023
©青山剛昌/小学館・読売テレビ・TMS 1996

Event Period: April 6 to July 17, 2023 / April 21 to July 17, 2023

Location: BAR DELSOLE (UMEDA) / Abeno Contact

Official Website: https://conan-cafe.jp/

For more information about this event, check out the following article!

6. Umeda Hankyu Beer Garden


Event Period: May 24 to October 9, 2023

Location: Hankyu Umeda Main Store 13F Rooftop Square

Official Website: https://website.hankyu-dept.co.jp/honten/h/beergarden/

7. Summer Afternoon Tea “Tropical Island”

Summer Afternoon Tea Tropical Island
Copyright © RIHGA ROYAL HOTELS. All Rights Reserved.

Event Period: July 10 to September 10, 2023

Location: Righa Royal Hotel

Official Website: https://www.rihga.co.jp/osaka/restaurant/fair_list/mainlounge-summer

8. Mingei: The Beauty of Everyday Things

Copyright https://mingei-kurashi.exhibit.jp/

Event Period: July 8 to September 18, 2023

Location: Osaka Nakanoshima Museum 4F

Official Website: https://mingei-kurashi.exhibit.jp/

9. Chill Out! Sweets Buffet

Copyright Hilton Osaka

Event Period: May 20 to September 3, 2023

Location: Hilton Osaka 2F “Folk Kitchen”

Official Website: https://osaka.hiltonjapan.co.jp/plans/restaurants/sweetsbuffet/folkkitchen-2305

10. A Taste of Mucha: How Art Nouveau Feeds the Senses

A Taste of Mucha How Art Nouveau Feeds the Senses-

Event Period: April 8 to July 30, 2023

Location: Sakai Alphonse Mucha Museum (Sakai City Cultural Hall)

Official Website: https://mucha.sakai-bunshin.com/event/mucha2023ex1/

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I hope you enjoyed this article about events in Osaka this week. As I previously mentioned, it can be difficult to keep track of every festival, exhibition and other event happening in Osaka, so hopefully, this article serves as a reference for you to find things to do in Osaka.

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